As an owner/manager of commercial real estate, what are your options when it comes to choosing the best property tax solution? SIMPLE… there are only 4 (we don’t count doing nothing as an option and neither should you)!

Option 1: The “traditional” national consulting firm

  • It’s an ok solution but certainly not the best due to:
    • varying degrees of expertise on staff which can lead to “diluted” representation;
    • the lack of true local expertise across the board can leave your property exposed to “remote” representation;
    • staff members are often times not as motivated or aggressive as local experts.

Option 2: Manage a team of local experts yourself

  • A much better solution than Option 1 but very difficult considering:
    • you’ll need to commit/hire internal staff to manage the process;
    • the time to interview and negotiate with several consultants is extensive;
    • the loss of volume-pricing will reduce your fee bargaining position;
    • reporting will vary among the consultants and require several points of contact.

Option 3: Push the decision “downstream” to the property level

  • This choice has proven disastrous for many property owners based on:
    • missed appeals;
    • alignments with unqualified consultants;
    • fee inconsistencies;
    • no or inadequate compliance, reporting, and technology capabilities.

Option 4: Hire NTRG!

  • We professionally manage motivated, local experts.
  • You get one point of contact for your entire portfolio.
  • You get a consistent service agreement and fee arrangement.
  • We can service your compliance, reporting, and data needs.



  • NTRG utilizes “Best-in-Class” consultants regardless of their company or firm affiliation. This business model gives our clients the absolute best chance of winning and maximizing savings while minimizing tax liabilities.
  • NTRG competes with no other firm(s), we utilize the top talent in firms across the nation to ensure our clients’ properties are being represented by the best talent on every property in every market.
  • NTRG also utilizes another unique technique, the Dual Review System. Each asset is reviewed by our local experts and NTRG’s in-house valuation team to maximize the outcome of any appeal filed on behalf of our client.
  • NTRG’s new technology platform “TaxNav” complements our services by providing our clients a real-time dashboard for property tax matters and reporting.
Local Consultants 100%
Best-in-Class 94%
Centralized Reporting 100%

Traditional / National Firm

  • One contract
  • Provides technology
  • Fee consistency and leveraging
  • Provides compliance
Local Consultants 45%
Best-in-Class 25%
Centralized Reporting 94%

Regional Firm

  • Control in place
  • Provides technology
  • Utilizes local expertise
Local Consultants 55%
Best-in-Class 40%
Centralized Reporting 50%

Push Downstream

  • Can be effective in certain markets
Local Consultants 40%
Best-in-Class 15%
Centralized Reporting 12%


Best-in-Class Local Expertise Utilized in all Markets

Fee Consistency and Leveraging

Professionally Managed Program – No loss of Opportunity

Technology Provided at NO COST

Compliance (Tax Bills, Returns, etc.), and late payment indemnification

Centralized and Consistent Consulting Practices



NTRG has secured our Clients tax savings exceeding $315,000,000

The partnership starts today


Clayton L. Wigley

President & Founder

Background: Mr. Wigley, Founder of NTRG and the visionary of the model that makes NTRG so unique and successful, is a tenured property tax professional with over 25 years of experience in the field of property taxation.

Wigley has been engaged on thousands of cases throughout North America involving office, multi-family, industrial, retail, and mixed use/manufacturing properties, securing tax refunds and savings exceeding one billion dollars for his clientele during his multi-decade career.

Wigley represents notable clients such as Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, CB Richard Ellis Global Investors, Omni Hotels, Avis Rental Car, and the state pension funds of California and Utah.

Debbie Garcia

Partner Executive Director – Consulting and Client Services

Background: Ms. Garcia began her career with NTRG in 2004 as a Senior Director overseeing NTRG’s Southeast Operations in the NTRG Florida Office. In this role, she was responsible for the effective management of a comprehensive property tax consulting program for national and regional clients. This responsibility included the oversight of property tax valuation issues and appeals for a $4B portfolio of commercial real estate and personal property tax assets. Ms. Garcia currently serves as Executive Director – Consulting and Client Services. Her current responsibilities include managing consultants in 100% of all markets to ensure that the “best of the best” consultants are in place throughout the country. She also oversees client services, providing valuation and property tax consulting, appeal/litigation, tax planning, and compliance expertise to ensure satisfaction on client engagements.

Prior to joining NTRG, Ms. Garcia served as Tax Director in the Corporate Tax Sector. Ms. Garcia has combined experience of more than 30 years in the tax industry. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Corporate Management, cum laude, from Florida Atlantic University. Ms. Garcia is also a long-standing member of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT).

Joshua Sanchez

Partner Executive Director – Valuations & Analytics

Background: Mr. Sanchez has been in the real estate and property tax industry since 2005. He has nationwide experience in both commercial property valuation and property tax consulting.

Within NTRG, he is responsible for managing the appeals process for several NTRG clients and assisting clients with budgeting property taxes for currently owned properties and potential new acquisitions. Mr. Sanchez earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business. He is a licensed Senior Property Tax Consultant in the State of Texas.

David Martinez

Director – Property Tax Services

Background: Mr. Martinez has served the property tax industry since 2003. NTRG relies on this experience to provide best-in-class service to our clients and consultants. His extensive experience spans multiple industries including industrial complex manufacturing, healthcare, multi-family, hospitality, telecommunications, data centers, retail, restaurants, transportation, and oil and gas. Specific responsibilities at NTRG include appeal services, valuation analyses, pre-acquisition estimates, and budget preparations. Mr. Martinez’s strengths in client relations and new business development allow him to support NTRG, its clients, and consultants well beyond the data.

Prior to joining NTRG in 2018, Mr. Martinez served as Director, Tax Manager, and Tax Consultant for such firms as RETC, Grant Thornton LLP, and Deloitte Touche LLP.

His skill set includes multi-state property tax appeals and negotiation, multi-state property tax audit representation, and multi-state property tax return preparation.

Mr. Martinez is a licensed Property Tax Consultant in the state of Texas and a certified member of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT) and the Tax Association of Property Tax Professionals (TAPTP). He earned his bachelor’s degree in business at the University of North Texas.

Greg Lusé

Director - Operations

Background: Mr. Lusé joined National Tax Resource Group in 2002. He began his career in the real estate property/asset management industry in 1983 and has worked with nationally-known owners of privately- and publicly-held commercial and multifamily properties. While in asset management representing a national portfolio comprising approximately 30,000 apartment homes, he spent 10 years directly involved in all aspects of ad valorem property tax matters. Mr. Lusé provides NTRG with many years of experience understanding an owner’s perspective of property tax issues and providing hands-on management of property tax consultants. His organizational and analytical skills along with his ability to develop and implement strategic and support initiatives ensure our processes and procedures operate efficiently on a consistent basis to the benefit of all whom we serve.

After attending the University of Oklahoma, Mr. Lusé completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Jan Foresee

Manager - Administration

Background: Ms. Foresee joined National Tax Resource Group in 2014. She came to NTRG with extensive experience in customer support and data analysis. During her tenure at NTRG, Ms. Foresee has developed into a seasoned property tax professional with incredible support and data skills that make her an effective leader of our administrative team as they meet the daily challenges of supporting our clients, consultants, and NTRG personnel.

Ms. Foresee received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Missouri – Columbia.

Yadi Martinez

Manager - Compliance and Data

Background: Ms. Martinez joined National Tax Resource Group in 2009. She entered the property tax industry as an administrator with NTRG. After learning the business, gaining the trust of her managers and peers, and showing a desire to accept more responsibilities, Ms. Martinez served as REO Portfolio Administrator then Sr. Associate – Audit & Compliance prior to becoming Manager – Compliance and Data.

Ms. Martinez is a licensed Property Tax Consultant with the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration.

Randy Sitzman

Manager - Accounting Services

Background: Mr. Sitzman joined National Tax Resource Group in 2019 and is charged with managing all aspects of accounting services for NTRG.

With more than 20 years serving as COO in charge of accounting for a personnel staffing agency and a National Account Executive for Interstate Batteries, Mr. Sitzman brings a level of customer service, presentation skills, and servant leadership not often found in accounting services.

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What makes one property tax consultant more successful than another?

The short answer is experience, specialization, communication, and motivation. NTRG seeks out the best-in-class consultants for its clients. To reach this mark, a consultant must have a distinguished reputation within the jurisdiction(s) he or she works, specialized experience with the property type(s) being assigned by NTRG, exemplary communication skills, and a vested interest in his or her company’s efforts. These distinctions elevate a consultant to NTRG’s definition of “best-in-class”.

What is NTRG's role in the consulting process?

NTRG’s is the Property Tax Management Program for our clients. While we manage all aspects of the contracted services, consultant representations, data gathering and sharing, reporting, and billing, our clients enjoy having only one point of contact.

To achieve the best valuation conclusions and appeal recommendations, NTRG in-house professionals perform valuation analyses alongside our local experts. Our dual-review process is unique to the property tax industry and complements our other services to ensure our clients enjoy the benefit of knowing that true, local knowledge is at work for them in every market across the United States.

In which commercial property types does NTRG specialize?

NTRG’s best-in-class consultants are assigned based on their local expertise and property specialization. As such, we are neither restricted by property type nor a defined talent pool. Examples of property types we represent include: office, hotel and resort (aka hospitality), industrial and warehouse, land, retail and mall, multi-family, manufacturing, vehicle fleets, golf courses, commercial development, and business personal property.

What are my options when hiring a national property tax consultant?

  1. Traditional national firm
    • Pro: regional expertise; program oversight; additional services; fee consistency.
    • Con: no guaranty of local expertise; lacks the flexibility to assign specialized consultants outside of their staff; unable to ensure maximum results provided by local/specialized expertise.
  2. Direct your managers to create and monitor their own programs
    • Pro: hands-on management of the property’s tax program.
    • Con: loss of volume pricing leads to higher fees; lack of consistent contracts and services across the portfolio; manager’s lack of property tax knowledge brings oversight and the proper consultant selection into question; inconsistent billing/reporting provided at the corporate level.
  3. Add a Property Tax Manager to your in-house corporate staff
    • Pro: local expertise solution; control of consultant selections and additional tax services; central data gathering solution allows for consistent reporting/billing; provides access to technology/data; consistent fee and contractual requirements can be negotiated portfolio-wide.
    • Con: the expense of adding staff (payroll, bonuses, taxes, benefits); personnel issues disrupt productivity; staff turnover.
  4. Hire NTRG
    • Pro: all the benefits of an in-house Property Tax Manager without the cost and challenges of adding staff.
    • Con: the longer you wait, the longer you are exposed to paying more property taxes than you should be paying.

Which criteria should be considered when choosing a property tax consultant?

  1. Will you get local expertise? Consultants with local expertise have relationships with the jurisdictions and local market knowledge that outsiders lack, thereby producing superior results.
  2. Will you get a consultant who understands your property type? The various commercial property types are evaluated in different ways. Ensuring your consultant has expertise in your property type is paramount to producing superior results.
  3. Who will be your contact? Depending on the option you choose when hiring a consultant, you can have as many as several contacts to interact with or just one.
  4. What are the fees? Most consultants accommodate the fee model desired by their clients. These range from a flat-fee only model where a fee is paid regardless of tax savings to a straight contingency fee model where a fee is due only when tax savings are achieved; some clients prefer a hybrid of the two. Keep in mind that a low-cost fee model without the best consultant representing you will likely result in lost tax savings.
  5. What other property tax services do you desire? Not all consultants provide services such as tax bill administration, pre-acquisition reports, budget estimates, preparing/filing property returns, purchase price allocation, litigation support, online access to your data, standardized reporting, cost segregation, or sales and use tax services.


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